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The Georgian City of Bath Christmas Market 2013

Christmas markets originated mainly in Germany and Austria. They soon spread to other parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom. 

The Weihnachtsmarket (so called in Germany and Austria) or the Christkindlmarket (called in southern Germany and Austria), is a street market connected with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks known as Advent. 

Bath Christmas Market 2013

These types of market go way back to the middle ages in Germany. In Vienna for example the ‘December Market’ (Circa 1294) was seen as a forerunner to the Christmas market. 

There are many famous Christmas markets throughout Europe such as Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Dortmund, Cologne and Stuttgart. The most visited of these is Dortmund with more than 3.5 million people. The Frankfurt markets around 3 million and Nuremburg and Dresden can only muster 2 million.

In the UK we have Christmas markets in Lincoln, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds (hey up like). And of course the best and most fantastically wonderful Christmas of all, yes you’ve guessed it the Bath Christmas Market (where’s it to?).
Bath Christmas Market 2013
Bath Christmas Market was established in 2000. With well over 380,000 people visiting it is a great attraction for the City as well as earning fantastic revenue for not just the stall holders, but hoteliers, restaurants, shops, buses, taxies etc. etc.

For eighteen festive days the Georgian City of Bath will be transformed into a Christmas paradise of colour, sound and smells.
This year the market runs from Thursday 28th November through to Sunday 15th December.
It is certainly a great way for Mrs Bingham to start her Christmas shopping and find her loyal devoted partner a present he will treasure. Because it will be very big and very expensive.

The times for this year’s market are:

Monday through to Wednesday
10.00hrs – 19.00hrs
Thursday through to Saturday
10.00hrs – 20.00hrs
10.00hrs – 18.00hrs
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Link to Bath Christmas Market 2013 Website:  

Did you know that last year Bath Christmas Market became the very first in all of the United Kingdom to receive a quality assured visitor attraction award from Visit England? Oh yes! Take it away Bath.
Bath Christmas Market 2013
With over 150 wooden chalets offering handmade and quite unusual gifts, decorations, mulled wine (yummy) food items, garden products, jewellery.
In fact everything you could think off to make your Christmas stocking filled with wonderful presents and gifts.
In the very heart of Bath sitting under the Bath Abbey and spreading to all corners of central Bath.

In fact there are woodworkers, clothing designers, novelty product specialists, painters, photographers, food suppliers and much, much more. All the fun of Christmas for adults and children alike.
Bath Christmas Market 2013
 Join in with the remarkable atmosphere that is Bath Christmas Market. There will be carol singers, a carousel, street traders, local bands and choirs, street entertainers, Christmas trees, twinkly lights.
Just about everything you can imagine to get you in the Christmas spirit. Mrs Bingham and I will be heading straight for the mulled wine chalet. My goodness does that put the feeling of warmth and Christmas cheer in my belly and loosen the purse of Mrs B.
Did you realise as well that out of the many thousands of visitors who come to Bath for the Christmas market a staggering 64% come purely for this joyous event. These wonderful people visiting our fine City are estimated to boost the local economy by £17,000,000.00.

Bath Christmas Market 2013
The market also boosts tourism greatly for the following year as visitors at Christmas see the potential Bath has to offer with our many festivals, events, attractions and of course the great shopping areas and streets that offer so much.

So why not come on down to the Bath Christmas Market to enjoy and savour the atmosphere. There are of course the many pubs and restaurants which supply a good hearty meal.  Mrs B likes a good hearty meal and has promised in the New Year she will work off the turkey and mince pies.

Christmas is certainly a magical time for adults and children alike. The Bath Christmas Market will certainly get you in the festive mood. For children it is possibly the most exciting time of the year.

Walking through the streets of Bath
With presents to open and the family getting together. Spending time at home with good food and playing those inevitable Christmas games.

And not forgetting the magical films and programmes on the telly, including all the usual repeats. As long as the Great Escape is on I will be a very happy Bingham.

Walking through the sttreets of Bath will bring back all the memories of Christmas past. Kicking in the nostalgia of it all.

To get you in the carol singing mood I have included in this blog a little YouTube video that will get you laughing more than singing. Check ot these really sweet tenors from China who will cheer you up and get you feeling very festive indeed. Just click on the logo to access the video.
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So for now just enjoy the splendour and magic that is The City of Bath Christmas Market 2013. Get down there and savour the atmosphere. If you go at night you will be dazzled by the splendour of the Christmas lights. The smells of Christmas are all around and with carol singers and Christmas decorations lining every street, you and your children will love it.

Pre-Christmas present for Mrs B
You are so going to enjoy the array of gift ideas and Christmas goodies for you and your loved ones.

Mrs Bingham doesn't know it yet but I have already got her a pre-Christmas pressie of chocolates.

Well she does deserve the very best and especially when I tell her I am off out with the boys tonight for a Christmas jaunt to taste the Christmas ale in the Raven.

So have yourselves the very best of times
to the run up to Christmas Day.

We at Bath Business Web Ltd wish you all a very peaceful and joyous time to celebrate this wondrous occasion and look forward to a prosperous New Year.

Love and Jingle Bells.

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