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After a home the second biggest expense we will incur is usually a car. Therefore, we need to service it and MOT it accordingly. And Park Lane Autos of Corsham is just such a place to help.

Park Lane Autos in Corsham are there to assist with car servicing, diagnostics, MOT and repair six days a week and at very reasonable prices.

Do you know what the letters MOT stand for? I couldn't get it. So read on and you'll discover what those letters mean. You never know it may be a question in the next pub quiz down the Old Dog and Duck.

It got me thinking as I took a recent took a trip to Corsham in the beautiful County of Wiltshire. There are things about Corsham you may not know.

For example:

Park Lane Autos of Corsham WiltshireCorsham - The history of the name goes back to Old English for homestead, or village.

It is recorded that Corsham was called Coseham in 1001, known as Cosseha in 1086 and as Cosham as late as 1611.

History - The area of Corsham belonged to the King in Saxon times, when there was a large forest throughout the many areas we now live in or drive through.

Corsham Court - A royal manor going back to Saxon Kings. Some believe it was the seat of Ethelred the Unready and a home to William the Conqueror.

Then becoming a place of modern horticultural fashion in the 18th Century for the design and build of its gardens and grounds. No other than landscape architect, Capability Brown got his little mits on it. Gaining the reputation as 'England's greatest gardener.

Bath Stone - One of a number of quarries which supply not only Bath with its fine buildings of yellow, but many of the towns and villages in Somerset and Wiltshire as well.

Industry - Once upon a time Corsham was well known for its export of high quality wool and cloth. The industry was highly successful making a great deal of wealth for the town and its merchants. So there is more to Corsham than meets the eye as one drives through.

And just off the main Bath Road is Park Lane Autos of Corsham. A very happy sight for one man and his machine, which picked up a nail as a passenger in the front nearside tyre. A swift diversion to the guys at Park Lane Autos and the tyre was repaired and me and my faithful jalopy were on our way once again.

Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (

I may have just got a tyre repaired on this occasion, but what if I need more for my car? As a driver of cars, motorbikes, lorries and a tractor once upon a time. I appreciate the need to keep up with the maintenance of my vehicles. All vehicles need regular and reliable servicing and maintenance checks to keep them going on and on and on. Something Mrs B says I do when I write a blog. Hah! Cheeky little back seat driver for sure.

Why then do we need to service our beloved machines?

Whether you own a new car or a used car it needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Whatever the make of your car or however sophisticated it is with technology, servicing it at regular intervals is essential. Your car is a mechanical machine when driven, has thousands of parts that are working very hard and fast at times. There is a great deal of heat and friction generated and these parts eventually wear and sometimes wear out. Your car would have come with an owners’ manual, which tells you exactly when to get the car serviced. It will also tell you at which various levels of service what needs to be replaced. 

Whether it's changing the simple things like oil or oil filters to more elaborate parts like timing belts, they do all need, at some time or other, to be replaced during the life of the car. And by doing this at the right intervals means your car could be the vintage car of the future. Because cars can last well into the future if you look after them and service them as they should be serviced.

By getting your car serviced regularly you not only increase the life of the car but you also improve the efficiency of the car, also reducing fuel emission’s which is important to the environment. You will in turn experience  less car problems and potential breakdown. Knowing that the car is serviced regularly reduces the risk of suffering a major breakdown and paying for costly repairs.

Park Lane Autos of Corsham are the premier garage in Wiltshire for all your car servicing, maintenance, repair, MOT, mechanical and electrical diagnostic needs.

At their garage in Corsham the good people of Park Lane Autos have been assisting their customers with all their automotive serviceable needs for over 25 years. Due to the high quality customer service and skilled workmanship people come from far and wide to keep their vehicle roadworthy.
Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (

The automotive technicians are all fully qualified and equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure your car is serviced or repaired to the highest standard. While your vehicle is being worked on you can sit back with a newspaper or magazine in the very comfortable and clean reception area where you will find free tea and coffee. A real bonus I can tell you as Mrs B at the time we got there was gasping for a cup of good old Rosie Lea.
The chaps there were telling me that by being an independent garage means they can offer a range of services you may not find elsewhere. These services include servicing and MOT's of course, vehicle repairs', brakes, exhausts, electrics, air conditioning, tyres, headlamp polishing and wheel alignment. Just to mention the most common.
Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (
Being a fully licensed MOT test centre (know what it stands for yet?), Park Lane Autos of Corsham provide customers with a jargon free and relaxing environment. Customers can understand what is happening stage by stage with their car. At the same time the relaxing atmosphere is alleviating any stress levels that some people experience when it comes to car maintenance or service needs.

And why not take advantage of the incredible value for the MOT test you receive from Park Lane Autos. At only £40 (at current 2013-2014 prices), you are getting a real bargain. Ordinarily an MOT test (still not sure what it stands for?), will set you back £54.85. They will also offer discounts on servicing. So what are you waiting for? Get down to Park lane Autos or vist their website to find out more
Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (
If your car is fitted with air conditioning then it is recommended that the system be re-gassed every two to three years. Lack of use can cause a stale odour which is created from a build up of bacteria. Park Lane Autos of Corsham will carry out a full anti-bacterial treatment, eliminating all bacteria and bad odours.
All modern cars are fitted with various electronic control units (ECUs), gadgets, computer systems and more.  If a car displays a warning light illuminated on the dash board i.e engine managment, ABS SRS etc, then Park lane Autos are able to interrogate the ECU via their diagnostic equipment and confirm any fault codes stored and rectify as necessary.

Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (
If you need car tyres in Corsham, Park Lane Autos offer a wide range of tyres for all vehicles and different tyres to fit all budgets. You will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Also offering wheel tracking and alignment to ensure all is well with your journey ahead.
Uneven tyre wear can be caused by incorrect wheel alignment and incorrect tyre pressures or worn/ damaged steering components. Road surface conditions can also be a contributory factor by causing damage to road springs and shock absorbers which can lead to expensive tyre replacement if not rectified.
Park Lane Autos of Corsham, Wiltshire
Park Lane Autos Corsham (
Got the answer to what MOT stands for? Well it's Ministry of Transport of course.
So if you want good reliable servicing, maintenance or repair for your car, then look no further than Park lane Autos of Corsham. Where you will find good customer service, a comfortable relaxing waiting area (with free tea and coffee) and a skilled and motivated workforce waiting to greet you for all your automotive needs.
I know where I will be going if I need an MOT for the Binghammobile.  And apart from anything else Mrs Bingham just loves the smell of four stroke engine oil in the morning, so she will be there to.


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