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Taking a closer look at Business Website Design for Local Tradespeople, Businesses and Company's in Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire

Ever wonder what's involved in the Art of Business Website Design and Construction?

There are a number of skills needed, as well as a great deal of technical knowledge and know how which goes into the construction and on-going maintenance of a website. A good website is one which is very visible on the internet, high ranking in its position on search engines, very functional, attractive to potential customers and fit for purpose.
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Website design in essence, is the planning and construction of websites which meets the needs and requirements of both the customer and the designer, as the web designer will be maintaining the website and ensuring it maximises its visibility and functionality on the internet.

The construction or build of a website is determined by the web designer skills and abilities to merge an aesthetically pleasing design, with a user friendly interface, embedding standardised code and proprietary software. The web designer then needs to ensure that the website is optimised accordingly with the most efficient and active wording, links, alt tags, and so on and so forth. All the while taking into account the needs and desires of a customer who may want something on the website which potentially could clash with the functioning of the site. This is where the web designers knowledge and people skills comes into play to help the customer come up with an alternative concept, while maintaining the wants and needs of the customer overall vision.

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Bath Business Web Ltd - Website Design

The web designer needs to have a flare for design, as the website needs to be visible and appealing in its look and layout. They also need an understanding for the purpose of the website and its use.

So at Bath Business Web Ltd all our web designers have a good understanding of the needs of local business and local tradespeople. This helps them design a website fit for purpose for each individual customer.

A web designer is not only a wizard with graphics. They need to know their stuff when it comes to the internal workings of websites which are held together and function through codes, electronic messaging systems and algorithms.

They also need to have knowledge of the various platforms the website sits on. What is a platform I hear you ask? Well a generalised description is the underlying structure software or back end which is used by the web designer to build the individual website pages on. These are such as Sitemaker, Joomla, custom html or Word Press.

Fact: By the end of this financial year it is expected that the sale of tablets in this country will outstrip that of the conventional desktop computer. Our trusty friend the mobile phone, will also go forth and eventually outstrip sales of both these altogether. Last year over 30 million phones were sold in the UK. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out, that is a huge number of potential customers surfing the Internet, looking for websites 24/7.

The simple way to look at a website platform, is if you ever create anything in Microsoft Word, then Word would be like the platform you write on. One would open up Word and get a blank page. Then start writing paragraphs, add a text box, add a picture or diagram etc. Basically one is building up all this information and graphics on a Word platform. Get it?

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Bristol Business Web Online Directory
At Bath Business Web Ltd we are website designers at top of our game and only use website platforms which are compatible with today’s needs. Because things constantly change in the website build and construction game.

There was a time when we would use platforms such as Sitemaker, as it meant our customers could easily self-edit text on their business websites.

This is great if you’re selling a product where you need to regularly put out special offers or want to run a marketing campaign for a particular time of year. These platforms were very easy to make changes to and meant customers had a certain amount of editorial freedom.

However, times moved on and mobile phones with internet connection came about followed by tablets and very small computers. This meant we had to consider how  websites performed with devices having smaller screens.

Bath Business Web Ltd being a progressive and forward thinking team of professionals saw this coming and now we use Word Press. Why I hear you ask? Simple, because when you look at a website on a mobile device the picture is much smaller. Therefore, the website platform needs to be one which can change from large (for your desktop PC with a wide flat screen, to very small (such as a tablet or a mobile phone). And that's exactly what WordPress can do, switch the website size to fit the screen size. Clever hey!

Fact: WordPress is the name for what we call in the trade ‘an open source content management application powered by PHP and MySQL. It can be used to create a website with high definition graphics and is easy to keep updated with its text editor. This application can also integrate blogs into the website, which as you can see by the fact you are reading one, a  very useful tool for website design.
There are also other things which we now offer at Bath Business Web Ltd Website Design Company, which we didn’t offer some years ago. These are Google Places (what used to be called Google Maps), Ad Word Marketing, and Social Media Marketing and Blog pages. None of these things were heard of in the realms of business websites when we started the business. See how things progress at a rapid rate. I mean after all here I am writing a blog.

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Bath Business Web Ltd on Google Places
Why do we do all these things I hear you ask? Well, because it’s new content for our website. It is mentioning our company name, it connects (what we call ‘links’) our websites or other business or trade websites. It reinforces strategic keywords which we know people will use to look things up on the internet. And the blog is also very informative, as you can tell by reading this one (I had to say that now didn't I). All of these things, and more, go toward strengthening the position of our websites on the internet and making them more likely to be found by potential customers looking online.

Fact: Did you know what we know as tablets, Kindle type devices etc. have only been with us for 3 years. Strange huh! Seems like they have been around forever.

A highly functioning and aesthetically designed website is what all good business need if they are going to attract the widest customer base possible. Because a well thought out website helps the customer find information about the business, its products and services quickly and easily.

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Bath Business Ltd on Ad Words
Therefore, web design needs to cover the look and feel of a website for that individual customer.

The customer can then make sense of where things are, where to go  on the site to find out more.

Once deciding they are looking at the right business for them, they will also want to easily make contact  with that business or even make a purchase online.

A web designer at Bath Business Web Ltd in the website design studio will plan carefully for customer interaction with the site. Designers consider the different ways in which customers interact with a website, whether the site is advertising a product, service or trade.

The web designers aim is the same as the business owners at the end of the day. To create an advertising and marketing platform which will promote the business, advertise its products, inform consumers how it fits with their needs and set I motion the process toward making a sale.

After taking personalised information, images, photos, logo, potential links etc. from the business commissioning the site, the web designer will then consider how best to show this information as it appears on screen.

Fact: 1991 the world’s first website. 1993 the first publicly accessible web browser. 1994 the first search engine. 1998  the birth of Google.

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A visit from Bath Business Web Ltd

All our customers, that’s the 300+ trades and businesses’ we currently work with, have been through that exact same process.

A process where they have been involved each step of the way in the build and construction of their website.

It all starts at the point of sale when a customer’s needs and requirements are discussed and recorded. Then an in depth analysis is taken of the type of business they are involved in and what they want to achieve from their website.

After all each business is unique and each owner or proprietor of a business has their own way they want their business to interact with the public.

When considering the design of a Website at Bath Business Web Ltd our team of qualified and professional designers also help our customers take into account the finer design aspects. Such as how the website will reflect the branding of the business, the colours used and do they reflect the colours of a company logo, vehicles or clothing etc. Which style of font to use and what letter or type sizes would match the individual pages. Is there a need to link with Facebook or Twitter and are they going to keep an updated blog page. Deciding what images or photographs taken by a customer will promote the business to its full advantage. Looking at what other websites would the customer want to link to or do they have an existing website which will compliment and reinforce the new websites visibility on the internet.

Fact: A mobile phone has been developed by Cambridge University, in which a virtual assistant (human looking in every way), interacts with the user. Bit like talking to a personal advisor or personal shopper (android style), who in the future could be advertising your business or products.

So you can see there is a great deal to consider when constructing a website and much to take into account to ensure a business gets its message across and markets its products or services in the best possible light. Which brings us on to the issue of visibility. After all, potential customers out there have different ways to find things on the internet. They have desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, notebooks, mobile phones and other technological wonders to view the many websites there are. These individual devices will have their own way to browse the internet. The formats of these various viewing platforms will be different. The shape of the monitor, alternative display settings, the size of the screen etc.

As you probably know, even two of the same make of personal computer there will be different web browsers (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and each handles websites according to their functionality. Therefore, the web designers at Bath Business Web Ltd take this into account and all efforts are made to ensure the websites we build are seen by all the people all of the time.

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Video presentations require more complex language
Then we have the more technical details within the structure and construction of the website.

As mentioned before there are internal codes and electronic messaging systems. This is the language of the computer if you like. A language which copes with all the variables that a website need to have to work well.

The basic language of computers is HTML (hypertext mark-up language) and our web designers enter this language and others like it to create the many websites you see at Bath Business Web Ltd.

There are also more advanced language based systems which are used for very complex websites with a great deal of content or sites which require an amount of movement and interactivity.

At Bath Business Web Ltd we cater for all types of company or trade. We aim to give you the website that you feel best represents your business and it is constructed to take into account the needs of your customers. We pride ourselves at being one of the best website design studios in Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire. Our promise to you is that we will go all out to ensure your website reaches the strongest possible ranking in all the various browsers and search engines.

Fact: Bath Business Web Ltd is unique in the field of website design. Nowhere else will you fins a website design company which has its very own online directory to advertise your business and its website. In fact we have seven local online directories and the all interlink and give a great deal of strength to the ability of our websites to be found by surfers on the net.

Bath Business Web Ltd is also a family firm. At the helm are business owners Jackie and Duncan Short. So if you're looking for a relaxed, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, skilled and trusted company for website design, then you cant go far wrong with these guys. We have a website studio who are waiting and eager to take on the challenge of building you the best money can buy. So look no further and just give our Sales Director Duncan a call to set up that all important meeting to discuss your needs and take the step to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Looking forward to seeing you business website in our portfolio very soon......

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