Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why it's good to have a professional website!

Professionalism and Values

“Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and like all man’s values it has to be earned” Ayn Rand 1905 1982

Values in business are as important as personal ones. You’ve worked hard to get your business to this level so when it comes to portraying your company through a website we highly recommend taking  it seriously!

The build of your website and the professionally designed look coupled with Search Engine Optimisation and functionality should go hand in hand. To maintain your image, goals and success you should be passing this side of the business over to the professionals.

Power of the Internet & experience

“85% of people say that mobile devices are a central part of everyday life”

Your business needs a quality website that can compete on Google’s front page and be responsive on all devices. People naturally look to the internet to legitimise a company and check out its credentials. 

At  and we have many years of producing professional websites with hundreds of proven front page results, which in turn has helped our clients improve their turnover and net profit. With experience in ever changing algorithms, social media, search terms, coding, and functioning navigation and many other expertise. There is a major skill in understanding each service of your business targeting the pages of your website to support those services into the search engines.

Google will penalise your website if it is stuffed with key words.

When looking to have a website built for the first time please ensure you ask these questions to your possible web master…..

- Do you build websites for a living?
- Are you a registered business?
- What qualifications do you have? 
- How many years of experience do you have?
- What proven customers have you worked for before?
- What success have you achieved through SEO results? 
- What support and back up can you offer?
- How much training do you offer on social media?
- Can I update it myself?
- What is the security of the server it will be hosted on?
- Do you own your own server?
- Can you help with copy or logo design?

This explains why we stress adamantly that you should take your website as a serious part of your business because like anything in life “your first impression is a lasting impression”.

Recommendation and word of mouth are great, but are you getting the quality customer that means you work smarter not harder, ensuring your net profit is higher each year growing your business. We’ve all heard of the phrase “busy fool” we must have all had a day/week where we have said this to ourselves.

The power of people seeing a professional website helps you to ensure and strengthen your position in your market place, once again people feel more comfortable in using you. Trust in your services grows when they can relate to more about your business, ie pictures of previous projects undertaken, testimonials, office address, time in business and any special services you offer. All information which can be found in their own time at the touch of a button, making your business far more professional and creditable.

Make sure you call us on 01225 920503 or visit  to ensure your company website has that professional look and success.

Thank you

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