Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekly Update

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It's been a busy week at Bath Business Web! Firstly, as part of our web design package, we give customers support and maintenance for their websites as well as doing the design and hosting work. 

That means our customers can come to us and discuss updates to their content, such as adding videos or testimonials, as part of their support contract. Our team make constant tweaks and changes in line with customers needs. When you have over 300 clients that means an ongoing stream of work for our web designers and information writer (aka me!).We love it though, keeping their websites fresh and performing well is the core of the business. 

Along side those small changes, every so often a customer needs a major overhaul on their website. They may be shifting their business focus in a new direction or re branding, whatever the reason we are more than happy to take on redesigns and rewriting. 

Finally, we are always pushing for new growth and that means new clients. Our custom built websites are focused entirely around the customers business and their expectations. The finished product is checked and approved by the customer before it goes "live". 

So I am pleased to share with you the revamps and new sites we have finalised this week.

Patrick from Just Carpentry popped in and discussed his existing websites from us for Bath, Marlborough and Trowbridge. A content overhaul was in order and we were pleased to have everything up to date for him by the end of the week.

Chris Pritchard Roofing has gone live and we will be monitoring it closely to make sure it is ranking well in the next few weeks. 

A&G Automation Ltd is a long standing client who's newest site is now live and ranking on the search engines.

Another typical week at Bath Business Web, with satisfied clients and up to date, contemporary web design at its best.

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