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Happy Easter from Bath Business Web Online Directories
Happy Easter from the staff at Business Web Online Directories to all of you living, working or visiting the very beautiful City of Bath

And with the Easter Bank Holiday fast approaching and the sun showing an appearance, life at Bath Business Web Online Directories is on the up. Yes that’s right the sun is shining and set to shine for a few more days yet. In fact the Easter Bank Holiday weekend is set to be a very warm one indeed. Well that is at the moment lol. You know our little island. It does not do things the way the Meteorological Office says it will. If they are saying that during the course of this week we will see temperatures rising from 15C to 21C by Sunday, then you know as well as me Britain will prove them wrong. Or will it?
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Keeping up with the Met Office - keeping up with the weather:

Check out what will be happening in Bath this weekend and see if you will be donning the sun glasses and getting out the shorts.

Remember last spring? It wasn’t great. And what a gift the sun will be after all that rain and flooding over the long wet winter. It will certainly help dry things out and help us all put those days behind us. I for one love the warm and the hot weather. There is nowhere better than Bath in the sun. Whether it’s a walk through Victoria Park or by the river. Pounding the shopping streets in me sandals, shorts and t-shirt. Sitting in he garden with a beer in my hand and a burger on the barbeque.

More news from sunny and beautiful City of Bath:

Talking about shopping. Did you know we are expecting a couple more big names to the shopping experience we know and love in the City of Bath? Well the good people of Bath Business Web keep their ears and eyes open to the coming and goings of this fine town.

We have Primark coming, with its value for money range of clothing and accessories, moving into the spot where BHS once traded until recently. It does seem a shame that the iconic store that was BHS has disappeared from our high street.

Coming to Bath
A sign of the times. The effects of the recession are still with us. We have had the re-emergence of Poundland and now a budget fashion store.

So it comes as a big blow to me and the rest of the Bingham household that BHS have gone from Bath. But it is not just Bath that has lost out. I have been informed that Harrogate, Kings Lynn, Guildford, Folkstone, Winchester and Cardiff have all lost their BHS. It appears that its all the plan of retail tycoon Sir Philip Green. He has been selling off a number of leases to the ever growing budget fashion retailer, Primark. Hence why Primark is moving into their spot.

And the likes of BHS closing stores partly to support their growth on the online market. I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that these things are happening. At least in Bath we have a flourishing retail sector and businesses are wanting to be here. It’s great for our economy and great for the future of the City.

Coming to Bath
So moving on with another retailer ready to join the flock. Anthropologie is an upmarket (that means expensive to some), American homeware and fashion retailer of which there are four other stores in the UK at present.

They will be moving into another of our long lost retail giants and much grieved by the Bingham’s and that was the home of Habitat.

I have to say that this is a very good sign that Bath is well promoted in the retail sector. Bath is fast growing a reputation for its high-end fashion outlets. Competing against even the best that London can offer. This will be Anthropologies’ first store outside of the capital and that says a great deal for what Bath has to offer. Anthropologie, which started in Pennsylvania over twenty years ago and has nearly two hundred stores across the USA and Europe, has said that it will ensure everything is done to keep the feel and tradition of the building, as they refurbish the site. A spokesperson for the Anthropologie group said that Bath stands for values such as authenticity, creativity beauty and flair, as we do.

In other news from your local Online Directory, Bath Business Web:

Here’s a short tail for you. Firefighters had to be called out to rescues Harvey the Jack Russell Terrier. The little rascal had got himself trapped down a hole while out on his walkies. A crew from Bath Fire Station responded to the call for help from a very anxious owner. At first they could hear Harvey, but all attempts to get to the hole rummaging doggy failed. It took nearly two and a half hours before the firefighting crew managed to dig within reach of Harvey. He was a lucky little Russell and was not harmed after his big adventure ‘down hole’. Bless!

Police in Bath
The boys in blue have also been making an appearance in Bath.

The Bobbies from Avon and Somerset were on the lookout for rogue traders travelling in and around the City. The Police and Trading Standards Officers were checking van drivers to ensure they were legitimate and their vehicles were legal.

A gang of workers laying tarmac have been questioned and now being investigated by Trading Standards. Scrap metal dealers were visited to check their waste carrier licenses were I order.

The Officers have also visited the elderly offering advice on ‘doorstep crime prevention’.

A high visibility presence was in residential areas where 'no cold calling’ was permitted sending out a warning to all uninvited doorstep visitors. They received thirty eight referrals for help with home security.

Banks, Post Offices, Building Societies were targeted and given reminders to be mindful when customers known to be vulnerable request to withdraw unusually large amounts in cash. Particularly when they are accompanied by an unfamiliar person.

The Police in Bath are asking Bath Business Web to spread the word to everyone living in Bath, especially the vulnerable such as the elderly. There have been a small number of incidents involving a phone scam. This is where bogus bank workers phone the victim aiming to persuade them to reveal bank card details before sending bogus couriers to collect the cards.

There have also been incidents where the scammer is pretending to be from the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad. Again asking for the same kind of details regarding a bank card and suggesting that there has been illegal activity on the card, so it needs to be handed in. so be aware good people of Bath of these scammers, otherwise known as thieves.

On a lighter brighter note Bath Business Web Online Directory reports:

Sunflowers brightening up Bath
People in Bath have been encouraged to plant sunflowers to help launch Britain in Bloom competition 2014.

Can you believe that Bath is celebrating fifty years of Britain in Bloom. The Bath Artisan Market in Green Park was the venue for people to attend and plant a sunflower seed, to then take home.

The Royal Horticultural Society hope that half a million sunflower seeds will be planted across the UK.

So all you good flowerpot men and flowerpot women of Bath let’s make this City shine with the glowing bright yellow petals of this magnificent long stalked flower.

Bath Business Web Online directory is proud to announce that our very own Aqua Sulis (or to you non roman speaking natives, the Roman Baths), is one of only seven attractions in England to win an award for best UK tourist attraction.

Aqua Sulis - The Roman Baths
Not just that, but this is the third time in a row that the Roman Baths has been presented with this honour.

The judges and tour operator CIE Tours International were no doubt impressed along with the eleven thousand visitors which enjoyed the spectacle in 2013.

Visitors travelling with CIE Tours voted this world famous site for the third year running against a large backdrop of competition from all over the land. There are only a handful of attractions in the UK which receive such a rare and prodigious Award of Excellence such as this.

We can all be proud of Bath for not just having this unique part of our heritage in the heart of the City. But one which is famous throughout the world and helps put the City at the forefront of the tourist industry’s best places to visit – ever! And I’m not biased in any way lol.

The Rec - Home to Bath Rugby

So what of that other great iconic, historic and world renowned assemblage of high class, well executed play and formidable presence we know and love as Bath Rugby?

Well it seems that the request by bath Rugby for extra land to redevelop the Rec has been refused. There is likely to be an appeal on that decision. There is much speculation as fears grow that Bath Rugby could eventually leave the City. This is very likely to happen if the club is unable to redevelop the ground at The Rec.

The club wants to increase capacity to accommodate more fans of the game. However, recently it has been told that no more of the Recreation Ground can be taken for the stadium. Bath Rugby is literally in the heart of this fine city and it would be a crying shame if they are forced to move away.

And finally from Bath Business Web:

And to close a story from the highways and byways of Bath. Yes indeed I am talking the closer of a major link between Bath and parts of Bristol. The Kelston Road, or at least a part of it. This is a road the Binghammobile has travelled many times. It is a much preferred route by Mrs Bingham, who enjoys the scenic slower paced driving this road offers compared to the ring road of Bristol. The Kelston Road is another victim of a very prolonged wet winter.

Road Closure in Bath
The ground, I have been told, was made unstable with a large amount of landslip causing damage and safety issues in the area.

Large amounts of water has been detected moving deep underground and destabilising the road.

There has been a great deal of land movement causing no end of problems for the local Engineers to resolve. It has been estimated that the ground has been slipping as much as seven metres below the road surface. The closing of the road was not done lightly.

A spokesperson from BANES told me that the decision to close this well used and well-travelled road, thereby affecting many from the local area and beyond, was done as safety is paramount and until he road maintenance team have made it safe, the road will remain closed, whether that’s for vehicles or pedestrians alike. It may take a number of months before the road will be anywhere near ready to open.
Spring at Bath Business Web Online Directories

So spring has finally sprung in the beautiful City of Bath leaving behind the gloom that was winter.

Blossom is on the trees, birds are starting to build nests for their fledglings, lawns are being mowed and flowers are opening up.  

Whatever you are doing this Easter, remember to get out and about to see and appreciate everything that is Bath. At Bingham Mansion Mrs B and the kids are getting ready for the Easter egg hunt I have planned over the weekend.
So get out there and enjoy the City of Bath. Let me and my colleagues know at Bath Business Web Online Directories what you have in mind for your Easter.

Have a good one!

All the best,

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