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Looking for a Florist in Bath which can delight you with a fabulous selection of floral and flower arrangements, as well as stunning bouquets for all occassions?

Flowers for all occasions indeed. Whether that's for a wedding, valentines, mothers day, funerals, birthdays. Bath Spa Florists in Bath offer great floral bouquets and a service second to none.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists
Whilst driving through the pretty village of Widcombe in Bath the other day, I came to a stop at the pelican crossing just on Widcombe High Street. As I did so, there it was, the answer to one of Mrs Bingham’s birthday gifts.

It was the well located shop of Bath Spa Florists, with their beautiful floral arrangements. The shop was beckoning me in. So I parked up in the free parking bay and wandered to their shop for a look.

I was also able to gain a bit of insight to these local florists based in Bath who have been trading nigh on 40 years. That’s even older than Mrs Bingham, who would love to visit Bath Spa Florists herself at some point I am sure. Anyways, back to my latest discovery of the finest florists in Bath that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Bath Spa Florists started their life in the old bus station, which as you may know was replaced by a brand spanking new one a few years back. Their name then funny enough was Bus Station Florists.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

Well this is where they are in now, those Bus Station Florists. They are adorning the quaint and very useful and varied parade of shops in Widcombe High Street. This being part of a route for many of us living and working in the very beautiful City of Bath.

I have often visited some of the other shops in Widcombe and have often walked there after getting off a train at Bath Spa. It is only a hop and a skip through the back of the train station, across the bridge over the River Avon and there one finds oneself, in the Village of Widcombe.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists
So for any of you train commuters on your way home from work, it is such a minor detour to take. And once there, you will find a variety of small interesting shops and a great place to buy your loved ones a big bunch of flowers.

So readers, there I was. To my delight i was greeted by one of the shop gals who had the most welcoming smile I have seen this side of my marriage. I was given all the help I needed and was shown the delights of what Bath Spa Florists have to offer. With their extensive range of cut flowers and bespoke floral arrangements I was certainly in the right place.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

In fact I was in petal heaven. I have never seen so many colours and varieties of flowers and floral arrangements.

It is certainly the truth when I cannot even say that the hanging gardens of Bingham Palace are adorned with such eye breathtakingly beautiful flower arrangements such a s these. A few shrivelled shrubs maybe and an Oak Tree that’s seen better days, but what can a busy blogger do?

Not here at Bath Spa Florists. Colour adorns the shop and the smells, well they are smelly. But in a nice way.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists
I have to say that the staff at Bath Spa Florists are just the best. They could see as soon as I walked in, I was as wise to the world of flower arrangements and bouquets, as a chimpanzee theorising over quantum mechanics.

I just didn’t have a clue where to start. So without further ado, those wonderful gals took me under their wing. They guided me, step by step, to the best offers and the best flowers which would be fitting for anyone’s Mrs on their birthday. Without their expert guidance, I could have made a real blunder when it came to buying Mrs Bingham's birthday flowers.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

So fear not chaps! Any of you out there who are likely to wander into a florists as you would a nail bar, not!

Then let me tell you now, there is nothing to dread with Bath Spa Florists. Not with these maidens of retail excellence, guiding your every move from the front door to the till.

And I have to say that the tally of pound sterling was neither a shock nor a hardship on my leather bound, got it for my birthday, cob webbed filled wallet. Bath Spa Florists know how to price their flowers and bouquets to suit all needs.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists
You know one has to admire florists. Especially Bath Spa Florists who purchase their supply of flowers directly from wholesale markets bright and early in the morning. When many of us are still sound asleep. How many other retailers get up and out to collect fresh produce or stock at 5am.

The girls at Bath Spa Florists know exactly what to look for when they go to the market. They have a keen eye for what we like, the flowers which suit the season or time of year, what people are buying and what makes a beautiful floral arrangement.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

Bath Spa Florists do all this so we can have a beautiful bouquet of flowers to send to the misses when we want to say “sorry” or say “I love you”. They have flowers for those times when we want to let people in hospital know we are wishing them well.

They come up trumps when people need flowers for a wedding to brighten and celebrate, with amazing creations to decorate and beautify the occasion. As well as for those sadder times when we need to say goodbye to a loved one, or pay tribute to a special life taken away from us.

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

There are many reasons why we would want to take or send flowers to those special in our life. To celebrate, commiserate or wish well a life shared. At Bath Spa Florists they have flowers for all these occasions and more. You may want some flowers just to make your home look stunning and smell good.

You may want to offer them as a gift, a memento of heart felt feeling. They may be wanted as a reward for accomplishments achieved. A way to express and acknowledge a celebration of life. Saying it with flowers, I have come to realise, is such a magical way to express the way we think about people and for the way we feel about people. You may have many reasons to celebrate or commiserate, so why not do it with flowers?

Courtesy of Bath Spa Florists

Flowers are such a natural gift. Nothing plastic or tacky about flowers. No high calories to munch through. No concerns over whether or not they will fit, are they the right brand, will they suit their complexion or is it the right shade to match what they have already.

Some gifts are just a nightmare as one needs to know the persons shoe size, neck size and entire contents of their wardrobe before contemplating a charming gift.

But not flowers. You can say so much with flowers. And Bath Spa Florists will help you decide what it is you want to say.

As beautiful as they are, flowers are as simple as it gets when it comes to whether or not they will be accepted readily and lovingly.

I will tell you this for nothing, at Bath Spa Florists they know their flowers. They certainly know how to present a customer with breath taking flower arrangements to suit all tastes and requirements.

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The flowers at Bath Spa Florists are of a very high quality indeed. They take great care to source their flowers from a variety of suppliers giving their customers the best range of flowers at the most competitive prices. Not only that, but those lovely people at Bath Spa Florists will regularly have a great special offer on the go. Especially when it comes to those special times of the year such as Valentines or Mother’s Day.

So why not say it with flowers and take a trip to Bath Spa Florists today.

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