Friday, 13 March 2015

"How much would it cost to build me an extension to my home in Bath?"

A common question for many builders. And a very good question indeed. If you are asking a psychic builder that is.

The impossible question
You see phoning a builder to ask how much an extension costs is an impossible question to answer. And that’s because the builder will need to know from you, what requirements you have. Things like size, types of materials, type of roof, preparation work, amount of floors, window preferences etc.

So maybe the question you should be asking is;

"Based on all the information I have given you, how much would it cost to build me an extension which meets my current needs and requirements?"

Therefore before you even consider asking this question, you will need to consider what are your requirements? Or at the very least phone the builder to help you work out exactly what those requirements are. This will then give him a better understanding of what is needed. Thereby, allowing him to clearly estimate any costs involved.

When building an extension you will of course need to think just  how do you want an extension to work for you?  How will it function to improve the quality of home life? How is an extension going to add value to your home?

Two floors

Depending on the materials used in the build will determine the look and ultimately the cost of the project.

Ground floor annexe

You need to let the builder know what you want before he can tell you how much.

Remember, it's all down to your needs and requirements.

That and that alone will be the deciding factor on overall cost.

Whether one floor or two, prices are going to vary

So depending on what you want to use it for, how luxurious or high spec you want it inside, the quality of the building materials or how much room you need, will ultimately dictate how much the overall cost will be.

If you want to build a pre-fabricated or flat pack extension, then it will cost a lot less than a timber frame or glass extension. If you build one storey it will cost less than a two storey extension of the same size.

Other costs to consider would be any digging and excavation, specialised vehicle hire (such as diggers or cranes), concrete foundations, roofing and tiling, guttering and down pipes, windows, doors, internal and external plastering and rendering, plumbing and gas or electrical work.

Diggers to rent
So before phoning a builder, maybe you need to ask yourself a few questions about your needs and your requirements which an extension would fulfil.
Then your builder will be able to sit down with you and go through a well planned and well estimated cost to all the materials, tools and time needed to complete the project in the way YOU want it done.

You as the customer hold the key to the cost to all project work based on personal requirements. You decide the quality and quantity of work completed.

Therefore, you and only you will determine the final cost to any project based on the way you want it to turn out. The way you want it to work for you, both now and into the future.

Crane for hire

You see building an extension is like building a bespoke car, a tailored suit, a website or even a house. It all boils down to your personal preferences and needs.

Phone a builder in Bath

So by all means get on the phone to your local builder in Bath.

But remember, when you do, tell him you want to discuss building an extension, based on your personal needs and requirements. And once he has that information he can quote you a price to complete the job.

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