Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mission ad:tech 2012

Starring Dan C and Company Director Duncan Short
After our early morning arrival at the train station feeling slightly groggy and in need of a bacon sandwich, Duncan and I talked about our main objectives for the day. We needed to find a new platform/CMS that allowed us to create beautiful, multi platform sites and some new directory software to bring our current directories into the 21st century. With this is mind we made our way off the tube and headed for Olympia.

ad:tech 2012 entrance

Once we had our passes and were scanned in, I was immediately struck by two things. Firstly the size of the place (hundreds of stalls, zones and networking areas) and secondly the large amount of people (mainly incredibly attractive women) that were walking around!

Intrepid Explorers
We visited a number of stalls as we began to find our way through and whilst they were fascinating, none of them were exactly what we were looking for.
Our first golden find was a seminar by the company Epiphany Search. These guys are a leading SEO giant with an arsenal of tools and a ton of useful information about the changing face of SEO and how to deal with Google and its ever morphing algorithms. We both came away from this talk a lot wiser and much of the information learnt will be used by our very own SEO teams in future campaigns.

Epiphany logo

As we continued deeper into the maze we met a number of interesting people who gave us advice on lead generation, software that could read entire websites for the partially sighted, mobile apps, mobile marketing, HTML5 responsive design and social media. 

ad:tech floor plan


Good networking needs pizza
We decided to have a break and a Pizza Express To Go. This was exactly what was needed in order to regain some of our energy and as we ate we met several exhibitors who were eager to chat about the reasons for us being there. They told us about their stalls and then pointed us in the direction of some stalls they thought we would find interesting. We took their advice and went out and found them.
The first happened to be Epiphany (the company whos seminar we had been to earlier). Here we relaxed with a smoking cocktail (yes, really!) and spoke to Dan their head of SEO. He was an absolute wealth of information and ended up being the best find of the day.

Smoking cocktail at the Epiphany stall

Dan enlightened us on a new CMS called Umbraco that would suit all our cross browser needs whilst still having complete freedom with design. He discussed our directory and highlighted how our backlink structure was working and ways we could improve some of our rankings even further. He then took us through various software packages we could use to spice up our old directory. To put it shortly the man was a god!

A victorious retreat
The rest of the stalls we visited turned out to be brilliant but completely irrelevant to what we needed. We decided after a little while that we had found what we were looking for from Dan the man and that it was time to leave.
In honor of #talklikeapirateday we went out in a blaze of glory taking as many useful freebies as we could find. With our boots full of swag (mainly of sweets and pens) we left, ensuring we had one last snap that really encompassed our day at Ad:Tech.

Duncan and the ad:tech ladies

Dan C is our head web designer at Bath Business Web. Email him for a chat!

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