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Things to do with the Children in Bath this Summer

It is always a challenge to find new and interesting things to do with the kids over the summer holidays. Sometimes the most obvious is right on your doorstep. It doesn’t always have to mean spending vast sums of money or long treks in the car to visit new places. The beautiful City of Bath has a few treasures of its own that can motivate, educate and engage all the senses. Here are just a handful for your youngest or your oldest.
Zany Zone Soft Play
A large indoor play area which has been specifically designed for children under ten years old. The can enjoy three floors of great fun in a safe and well thought out mini world of adventure. There are ball pits, cargo nets, log ramps tunnels and slides for your little bundles of joy to climb and clamber on.
Victoria Park Playground –   Free
The largest and most kitted out park this side of the Andes. Situated at the south end of Victoria Park the playground offers a wonderment of energising and stimulating apparatus which will give any youngster a smile of contentment that will last the whole day. With slides of all sizes, zip wire, roundabouts, see saws, tunnel slide, swings, climbing frames of various shapes sizes and designs as well as a number of bouncy bumpy things.
Roman Baths
Educate and titillate your children’s minds with the most well-known of all the attractions that Bath has to offer. “Salve” (That’s hello in Latin by the way). See, something they can learn from the start and you’ll get some credibility for showing off the only Roman word you can speak. And remember if you have a resident’s discovery card you can get in for free for you and any child under 14yrs old. The Baths can be fun and interesting and is much more child friendly than you may think. Its not only for the tourists you know.

Bath Skyline Walk –  Free
Get their little hearts pumping with a refreshing walk around the Bath skyline. There are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic and all the fun and adventure that’s comes with the great outdoors. Take a pair of binoculars for a bit of bird spotting or pack a kite to fly over the fields and grassy meadows. Take them up to Sham Castle and ask them if they can see where they live or the people walking around the city. Your children will certainly sleep well after a packed day of fresh air, sunshine and Mum’s lunch time treats.

The Fashion Museum
A great place for any young budding fashion designer wannabe. There is an array of wonderment from a vast collection of fashion garments spanning several hundreds of years. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Laura Ashley there are the most colourful and iconic dresses from the Swinging Sixties or the 1970’s when there was an appetite for escapism and nostalgia for times gone by. Also on show there is the exhibition Glamour. A dazzling display of glitzy evening wear over the past 100 years. A presentation of sumptuous silks, evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

The Two Tunnels   Free
Take a ride out on your bikes or equally a walk through the Two Tunnels. You never know you may spot one of the many bats that live high up in the ceilings. The tunnels are lit and one even has music. They are part of the old train route from Bath to Bournemouth. The Combe Down Tunnel had been bricked up since 1966 and is reported as the longest cycle tunnel in the UK at just over a mile long. The Devonshire Tunnel is shorter at just quarter of a mile long. A fascinating and very enjoyable cycling or walking experience. Don’t just take my word for it see what The Independent wrote about the route.

Bath Boating Station
What about a boat trip on the river? There are different options such as the Thames Skiff (rowing boat) Canadian Kayaks (canoe) as well as punts and rowing punts. You and your children can have a great time exploring the beautiful River Avon. Did you know that the canoe was developed over the course of thousands of years by the native Indians of North America. The name ‘Canoe’ originated from the word ‘kenu’, meaning dugout. Another snippet of information to tell the kids and show them ‘who’s the Mummy’.

The Holburne Museum   Free
Another inspirational and educational day out for parents and children alike. This is art for all. At the Sackler Discovery Centre on the second floor they run weekly workshops for children up to 13yrs and hold regular activities and events for families. There is also the Garden Café offering a host of freshly prepared dishes, sandwiches, beverages and delicious scrummy cakes. Or why not venture a hop, skip and a jump to Sydney Gardens, which sits behind the museum, to nibble on your own packed lunch. Then just the other side of that you can get through to the canal. You get the best of three worls of education, entertainment and fun for you and your children.

Prior Park
What a beautiful setting with the rolling Bath countryside, a lake and an endless sea of grass to wander, picnic or play. You’ll be surprised at how many activities and events they hold throughout the year. They have their modest Tea Shed which sells a variety of hot and cold drinks, ice creams, soup and jacket potatoes. The tea garden is a great place to relax and suck on your favourite lolly. They also have a small selection of goodies at the ‘upcycled’ boat shop. What is upcycling I hear you ask? Tis the process of converting waste materials into new materials or products of better quality and value. Just a mind of information me.

Bath City Farm   Free
Nothing sells better to children than a menagerie of farm animals with their fluffy duck and chicken feathers, big round cow eyes, soft coats of goats wool or curly pig tails. There’s even a Kids Zone housing a great purpose built play space with a climbing wall, slide and water cascade. There are 37 acres of fields and woodland to explore and the friendliest cutest two and four legged critters you ever could meet. Apart from the children that is. Your kids will love the kids on the farm with there little goatees.

Have a great summer you'all.
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