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The Repair, Restoration, Renovation and Replacement of Sash Windows in the Beautiful City of Bath

Have you ever marvelled at the uniqueness of a City built almost entirely from yellow sandstone? Or maybe you think all Cities are built this way?

Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
Image courtesy of Georgian Sashcraft Ltd
Well I for one appreciate the splendour and grandeur of this fine City. Having lived and worked in many other Cities in the UK, I can tell you that many are predominantly red brick with the scattering of buildings which are built in yellow, dark brown or a very deep red.

None I can think of are quite so uniform and with such a pleasant look as that we find in the yellow sandstone buildings of Bath. And we can be proud of our City with it's sandy colour stone buildings. Buildings which have been built with stone quarried locally since the times of the Romans.

Have you ever stopped to look at the splendour of the Georgian architecture in the beautiful City of Bath? Or do you just take it for granted?

Georgian sash windows, windows repair, windows renovation, restoration, Bath
Image courtesy of Georgian Sashcraft Ltd

What also makes the buildings in Bath stand out so well are the Georgian style properties with their elegant and often very large Georgian windows. These are rather grand looking windows compared to the Victorian sash style.

Don’t get me wrong I like Victorian houses and sash windows. In fact I live in one now. But if I really had a choice and found the right property in the right location, then a Georgian house would do very nicely.


Having worked on many of the properties I have owned I also appreciate that these windows which adorn a Georgian property or saying that a Victorian one, need good care and on-going maintenance if they are to stay original.

Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
Image courtesy of Georgian Sashcraft Ltd
Some owners I see have succumbed to the easy option, by replacing their windows with PVC lookalikes. These windows are a very practical solution, but not always in keeping with the building or surroundings. 

Why spend hard earned money on a fine structure, built with quality material, an eye for detail and precision by our forefathers, to then replace them with plastic windows. It makes little sense and is not necessarily in keeping with its surroundings.

So it is great to know that there are people out there who do care. People who are precise in their work and who do offer a quality product for a quality finish. And doing this in a professional and skilful way, just as those Georgian and Victorian craftsmen did many years before them. And they are of course Georgian Sashcraft Ltd.

Georgian Sashcraft Ltd is a unique and prestigious company founded in 1993. They specialise in the repair, restoration and replacement of traditional sash windows and doors.

Georgian Sashcraft Ltd offer a number of high quality services for the sash windows that adorn your home, office, shop, store and many other such buildings in Bath, Bristol and surrounding towns. These services include:

Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
Purpose-made joinery for your period property
New timber window sills to match existing window frames

New timber window sills to match existing windows

Putty replacement for sash windows 
Painting sash windows

Resin repair


Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
New sashes fitted

Replacing old sash cords for new ones will ensure the windows continues top operate effectively throughout the seasons for years to come.
Checking that the sashes are correctly balanced
or adjusted accordingly for the window to slide
up and down the runners evenly.  
The sashes are adjusted and eased as necessary to ensure that the window opens and closes smoothly.
The sash cord pulley wheels are oiled.


Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
Resin-repairing sash

Any defective or rotten wood is removed.
The remaining wood is then treated with a resin solution and a specialist repair compound is used prior to painting.

Once dry the window can be  reconstructed and the wood painted.

How satisfying to see these windows returning to their former glory.

Sash windows, window repair, window renovation, restoration, Bath
Sash windows rebuilt and broken glass replaced

There are of course windows which
sadly are beyond repair.
Not is all lost and the experts at
Georgian Sashcraft will replace
those with new box sash windows.
 They also build bespoke
wooden casement windows with the
exact same methods they use on
all their sash windows.


When was the last time you checked your sash windows? Not all will need replacing or a great deal of repair. The experts at Georgian Sashcraft have developed a system for the overhaul and restoration of any damaged wood. This provides you with a cost-effective way to renew the windows in need.

You may also want to consider secondary glazing for your sash windows. This can save you money with your heating budget. Especially now the energy companies are hiking up their prices just before the winter kicks in.

The secondary glazing is designed and installed to blend in with your existing windows. The original window remains untouched and made in such a way to avoid any interference with your curtains or blinds. The benefits are that less heart will escape from the property enabling you to have better control over your heating bill. As well as added security and greater sound and draught proofing. You may find that this is the only option available to you if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

Dedication, craftsmanship and a lot of skill is needed when restoring or repairing these old fine windows. And that's exactly what you get from Georgian Sashcraft. The care and precision of people who truly understand and love what they do. So when we think about the craftsman who originally built this City of Bath and gave us this fine outstanding architecture, we can sleep sound at night knowing the next generation are here with us now.  
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