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We have all heard of the the Pony Express of the Wild West. But what about our very own Avon Express of Bath in the South West?

The Pony Express was part of a legend that is the American West. However, here in the wonderful South West of England we have our own legend in the making. Express Couriers Bath
The Wild West of America

The Pony Express was a communication
and courier service operating over a 2000 mile trail across America.

The riders often travelling through very hazardous conditions. There was the real danger of an Indian attack or severe terrain and unpredictable weather.

They were operational for 19 months and eventually the tide of progress with the trains and the telegraph eventually led to their demise. In all they had 80 riders and 500 horses. A real life American legend.


Well that’s the Wild West of 1860. What of the South West in 2013? Well here in Bath we have riders covering the length and breadth of Britain.

“Yes Siree that’s right folks we have our very own rootin tootin riders here in Bath delivering all over the wild South West as well as every destination in the UK. Yee Ha!

At Avon Express Couriers they pride themselves in being the South West’s leading courier service. They offer a fast competitive same day or next day delivery.

Operating nationwide Avon Express Couriers of Bath will deliver any type of package, parcel or documentation to any location within the good old UK.

So what makes these guys and gals at Avon Express Couriers so damn good at what they do?

Well with over 25 years’ experience they have learnt a thing or two about getting the job done. That’s 23 years more experience than the Pony Express and they became an American legend. So just think what Avon Express can deliver.

And just like their counterparts from way back when, Avon Express Couriers provide an immediate person to person delivery through the winding countryside and in all round weather conditions. Avon Express of Bath
Image Courtesy of Avon Express Couriers of Bath

The next day delivery service is available throughout the UK.

They ride to far off corners of the British Isles.

This includes the Scottish Highlands and all those little Scottish Isles, Northern Ireland and Ireland as well as the sunny and bright Channel Islands.

Just to think all that way from Bath to John O’Groats. A journey of just under 700 miles. Well I guess if a bunch of cowboys on horses can deliver across 2000 miles, fair to say the run to Scotland or beyond for our very own professional courier service of Bath, is a bit of a doddle.

And yes I do appreciate and realise that the logistics of even a short journey in comparison to crossing the States is one which still needs careful and organised planning as well as the reliable resources to get the job done.

And with Avon Express Couriers you don't get horses. Oh no! However, they do come fully equipped with combustible engines, gears, Sat Navs and more than enough of their own horse power thank you very much.

Avon Express, Couriers, Bath
Avon Express Couriers
With phones being answered 24/7 these guys at Avon Express Couriers of Bath can offer you a fully insured, highly professional and amazingly competitive price for the service they provide.

Getting your bits and bobs from A to B in no time at all.

They may well be Bath based couriers, but they can collect from any UK location and then go on and deliver to any UK location. How wild South West is that partner?

Its pretty good for all you businesses or private citizens who want reliability and a swift service to get your package (or packages) collected within 24 hours and deliver it the very same day.

And they do this time and time again. No wonder they are the best in the West.

So if you want your package, parcel or documentation however big or small, to get to its destination swiftly, efficiently and on time, then all you need to do is contact those very nice people at Avon Express Couriers of Bath.

So remember:

Same Day

Avon Express Couriers deliver to anywhere in the UK. They deliver on the same day, from any UK destination to any UK destination and are very competitive on price

Next Day

Avon Express Couriers offers a next day service which is fast, efficient to any UK destination. Their team of professional couriers provide a guaranteed, person to person collection and delivery

Every Day

Avon Express Couriers are working tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call. So why not book now to arrange a fast, efficient courier delivery service to anywhere in the UK

Book Now
If you want to book a collection or get a quote from Avon Express Couriers then click on the Avon Express logo below.....
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