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Bath Business Web has high performing Directories for Tradespeople, Company's, Sole Traders, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business People of Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire - Bringing the South West of England together and suppoting local Business to thrive

Many a business in the South West are starting to slowly but surely come through the worst of the recession. Therefore, it's time to build and improve on business marketing and advertising online.

There are many towns throughout the region which have suffered because of the challenging economic climate. In such places such as Bath and Bristol there has always been a very vibrant retail sector. However, it has not been easy. Some of the bigger names have disappeared altogether. Many of the smallest shops have battled on and have kept going throughout. The South West is home for many other businesses too. Many of which are unique to this area.

So how does one find these businesses? After all the retail sector has a high street presence, which other business don't have. What if I am looking for something a bit more out the ordinary? Or a business that would not have a shop front to advertise itself, such as a stone mason, a Georgian sash window repairer, a hypnotherapist or a lighting specialist? Well, the answer is easy. Because in the South West covering Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire there is the rising star of the Online Business Directory type.


A directory which you can access online via your mobile phone, tablet or PC. A directory which will be found at the top spot of all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. At Bath Business Web Ltd they know all there is to know about website directories and how you and your business can get the most from the internet. They recognised many years ago the trend in the steady growth of website business advertising and marketing.

Bath & Bristol Business Web Ltd

An online directory which will point you in the right direction for all manner of businesses in the South West of England.

There are traders, retailers, market traders, professionals in the building trade including plasterers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, scaffolder’s, architects and surveyor’s.

Finding sports trainers, martial arts experts, hypnotherapists, accountants, hairdressers, beauty therapists just couldn’t be any easier.

Bristol Business Web Ltd - Online Directory

You can find these trades, businesses and professional services in Bath and Bristol Business Web of course. Not only that but there are Business Web Directories specifically targeted toward the trades and services in Trowbridge, Chippenham, Calne, Warminster, Frome and surrounding towns and villages in each local area.
You must have gathered by now that the online directories in Bath and the South West have taken over from the more traditional ways to market or advertise a local business.

The online directory is favourable because it is specific to online users and the websites they seek out. Have you discovered  how an online directory can help your business with its online presence? If not, don't you think it's time to catch up with the competition. Give Bath Business Web Ltd a call for some free help and guidance on how to get the best for your business.

Bath Business Web Ltd - Website Build & SEO

Even now so many local trades or business owners do not have a website, or a website that does justice to their marketing needs. And until they do, they will not appreciate the benefits it can bring to the profits for the business they own.

Listing your business on an online directory will help the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website.
That is a search engines ability (search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Firefox etc.), to match your website to the keywords a potential new customer would be typing when they search the internet.
Testimonials at Bath Business Web Ltd
When a potential customer goes on a search they are gong to see our seven local  directories at the top of many pages on all the various search engines.

These local directories such as bathbusinessweb.co.uk not only reinforce the keywords being used, they also help create 'links' or ‘backlinks’ to the website on the director.

Basically it is how you link to another site or how another site links back to your site. A business directory will link to these because the nature of directories is such that it has many websites already, which in turn gives strength and presence to the directory you are using. This in turn improves and strengthens the ability of a local business advertising on the directory to advertise and market their website online.

For local business in Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire they recognise the need to be in as many places online as they can financially afford. These for the most part cost very little compared to any paper advertising or marketing.

Even the construction, maintenance and hosting costs of a website are incredibly good value for money when you spread that cost over a small amount of time. Your premier online directory such as bathbusinessweb.co.uk or bristolbusinessweb.co.uk are very reasonable considering the benefits your website receives from the many hundreds of backlinks that these directories and all their associated directories offer.

It is vital to know that the prime search engine Google, recognises the difference between good and bad links. What you don’t want to do is place your website details on a poor quality directory with poor or bad backlinks which would be detrimental to your websites SEO. Google has systems in place to search out the strong or any poor links. It will then respond accordingly and if they are poor, that website will sink so low in the search engine rankings, so mush so, that it may as well not have been built in the first place.

Bath & Bristol Business Web - Online Directories for the South West

Strong links are vital to a business website. Links are a necessary part of the online marketing strategy to get a website highly visible on search engine rankings. So a good business owner will get good, sound professional advice and support from the likes of Bath Business Web Ltd.

Very recently a local paper directory was delivered to Bingham Mansion. I think it lasted three days before it then went off with the rest of the recycling paper. I have kept them in the past, but in our house they sit on a shelf getting in the way and getting dusty. I cannot remember the last time I ever used one to get information on a local trade or business.

I total appreciate that there must be people who do use paper directories to search for a local business. Otherwise companies such as Thompson or Yellow Pages wouldn’t have them printed.

Online directories, unlike a paper directories will not sit on a shelf and get dusty. They are accessible and updated 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. They can be found in your pocket or bag.  Because it’s all in a mobile phone or tablet these days and who hasn’t got one of those?

Bath Business Web Ltd - No. 7 Pierrepont Street Bath

In the 21st Century we have online directories which help you go straight to what you need and when you need it.  These directories display information fast and efficiently.  With a couple of words and very little effort on your part, they take you straight to the business you need. So why not give your local online  business directory a go and see how it works for your business.

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